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Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
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Q was a once in a lifetime dog. He has been full of life and personality since the day I got him. He has been easy going, love life, there wasn't a critter or person he didn't like. He was quite the talker and greeted people with talking all the way. He passed these qualities to his pups, as well as his dark, true color. He has had limited showing due to circumstances beyond my control. Q crossed over the Rainbow Bridge January 27,2017
Mi-t's Q the Music CGC, DNA-VP
Blue merle with white/copper trim, red factored
Marbled eyes, cleared annually
OFA hips good
OFA elbows normal
MDR1 mutant/normal
Full dentition, scissors bite
DOB 8/4/04
Int. CH Gearharts Blackhawk Colockum CD, RN, RA, RATI, RATO,TKN, NAP, OAP, CGCA, RSA-O, JSA-O, ACT2, ATT, DNA-VP
Kai has lots of personality and energy. We have dabbled in conformation, but it's not her cup of tea. Kai prefers obedience, barn hunts, tracking, scent work and agility. She has done well with the limited shows we have gone to. Her herding instinct is strong and she loves to help with the chickens. She is a natural with little training in the herding department. She passed her temperament test with flying colors. She is a total sweetheart and complete couch potato in the house. 
Kai crossed over to be with Q on April 5, 2024
ASCA/AKC/UKC registered
Black tri with white/copper trim/red-factored
Eyes cleared annually
OFA hips Good
OFA elbows normal
OFA Patellas normal
​Aussie panel clear through PPG
Merle non merle
Full dentition, scissors bite 
DOB 10/26/13